Notary Public Enemy by Tony Iovino

I came back to my office a little before noon on a bright, sunny, August Monday. My mail waited for me on the desk. A couple of bills, a bar association flyer about the annual charity golf tournament, a Staples catalogue. And a police detective’s business card with the words Call me by 2 printed in clean block letters just above the gold shield.
                Not good            

And so starts the new novel Notary Public Enemy, a fast-paced mystery of forged mortgages and deeds, dead bodies, millions of dollars gone, and the troubled lawyer to whom it all points.  Published by Diversion Press, Inc., Notary Public Enemy can be ordered now on Amazon and Barnes &

Peter De Stio is a fallen star litigator, his marriage, family, and partnership in a premiere Long Island law firm long gone, settling uneasily into a quiet post-rehab life until scandal erupts thrusting him back into a world he thought he had left forever.

Fake deeds have been filed and mortgages taken on a former client’s properties.  Millions of dollars are missing, and conspirators are turning up dead.  The only lead is Peter’s signature and notary stamp, which appear on the forged documents. 

His solitude shattered, he must defend himself against accusations of murder and fraud, a disbarment proceeding and a civil suit.  His new life threatened, he is reluctantly forced to rely on old skills and the help of a network of young lawyers, the old friends and clients still willing to talk to him and twin toddler nephews to find the truth about who he is, and the path to redemption.